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"Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it."  ~Lily Tomlin


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Don Juan told Carlos Castenada:

"For me there is only the traveling on the paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart.There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge for me is to traverse its full length. And there I travel—looking, looking, breathlessly."



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~ What are the requirements to start an EA business~? An EA business needs a form and structure like any other business. Traditionally, therapuetic riding programs have chosen the non-profit structure. With the advent of equine assisted programs, and the team model of a therapist and horse specialist, a for profit business structure has been used. A for profit can be a sole proprietorship, partnership, an LLC or a corporation.

The Foundation Center.org's Guide to Fiscal Sponsorship offers a guide to FOR PROFIT businesses on responsible affiliation with a sponsoring organization in order to receive grants. ____________________________________________________________

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Business Coaching for EAP

Learn on the Go, Learn One-on-One, Learn on Location, Learn on Your Time

Struggling with your EAP program? A little individualized attention can help you go a long way. As the founder and Executive Director of Flying Change, Lissa can advise you in any stage of your program's development. Save time and money with customized information to meet your needs. Whether on a one-time basis, or through an ongoing coaching relationship, we can help you succeed in the field of EAP. Perfect go-to help when you need answers and advice for a specific issue, want to bounce ideas off someone experienced, or just plain feel stuck! $15 charge. Flying Change Equine Assisted Business Coaching with Lissa Corcoran.

Manual: First Strides: How to Create a Thriving Not for Profit EAP Program Without Losing Your Money or Your Mind - $50



In this issue of the Wisdom Horse Coaching (TM) Newsletter you'll find the THIRD of a 3- part  guest article with tips for how to successfully market your 
equine assisted business (or any business for that matter). 

The Spirituality of Marketing - Practical Marketing Tips & Concise Ten Point Self Assessment Quiz from Jeanne Childs. Tape 60 min. $12.00

Marketing is a burdensome task for many people, yet it is not only a necessary part of being in business, but also an obligation when viewed in a spiritual context.  Each of us has special assets that others of us need.  Shift your perspective to real joy in sharing (not "selling") those valuable assets.  Begin with recognizing, honoring, and safeguarding your product.  Competitors become "colleagues" instead of threats. The "target market" is others who need you.  Stay connected to your soul while promoting your work to the world in this refreshing approach to a commercially-tainted topic.

Find Tim Manson's POWER POINT Presentation here. Why reinvent the wheel~? Use what has worked for others to promote your program and the field of EAL/EAP.

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