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Equine Assisted Assets has been established by Pam Salem, business owner for 35 years.

Because so many good people helped me get started, this site is

  • To answer business formation questions
  • To answer marketing questions & provide marketing solutions
  • To answer programming questions
  • To answer integrating EAP/EAL into existing programs
  • To help find the answers quickly to whatever has you stumped
  • To network with programs in your chosen population to be served
  • To find schools that have animal assisted programming….and MUCH MORE~!

Most of this is at your fingertips on the internet.

Items for sale under resources have value added by the expertise of the creator of each item. The sole intent is to supply items of interest and value to those working in the equine assisted field. Your feedback is welcomed. Sharing is welcomed.

Pam Salem, a former regional vice president for the TN Horse Council, and “owned by horses” since 1956, owns Horizon Farm EAGL Center in Seymour, TN, where she believes that horses being horses help humans be better humans.   Pam has a B.S. in Education and 40+ years of hands-on horse experience as a competitor (Pony Club, horse shows, and competetive trail) and breeder of Arabian & Anglo Arabian sport horses. Since 1972, she has owned and operated a hospitality linen and contract furnishings business selling to motels

Pam is known for her ability as a catalyst who brings a variety of different people together to enhance eachother’s assets and expertise. She attended one of the first EAGALA trainings in October 1999 and hosted one in October 2000 after which she began to work as the horse specialist with a therapist doing equine assisted psychotherapy.  She also attended the October 2003 Three Day Workshop for Educators, Counselors & Riding Instructors at EPONA Equestrian Center in Tucson, AZ, with Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds. In June 2004, she attended EAPD Training with Chris Irwin, author of Horses Don’t Lie and Dancing With the Dark Horse. In 2006 she attended the OK Corral Series Blue Seminar [business], in June 2007 received certification by Innovative Horizons as an Equine Assisted Training Specialist, and returned to Eagala Level I in December 2007 to maintain her Eagala certification. In April 2008 she hosted an OK Corral White Seminar [mounted], and continues to hone her equine assisted learning skills. In July 2008, she was a founding member of E3A, the Equine Experiential Education Association. Pam has co-facilitated equine assisted psychotherapy and equine assisted learning programs with a licensed therapist since 2000. She continues to Translate Equusä through authentic connection with the horses she loves.

Pam is featured in Marketing Ideas for the Equine Professionalby Beth Woodward.

Pam is dedicated to the success of equine assisted work, and to the support and encouragement of those who are inspired to do it. She is a member of EAGALA & EFMHA, and a founding member of E3A.   Pam is a seeker and a traveler of ‘the path with heart.’ She believes that YOU are the expert at knowing YOU and your own uniqueness. You are your own guru and your own ‘best asset.’

You don’t ‘find’ yourself….what are you, under a tree?  You create yourself.” Victoria Principle

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