Logo Design


I recommend first hunting around the internet and see if anything

strikes your fancy. Do a google search (or other search engine) and

put in Free Horse Clip Art. You’ll need to spend some time going

through those sites. You might find something that works or a

combination of graphics that would work or that you could take to a

graphics person.

Whatever you do, make sure to get a GOOD RESOLUTION on the graphic or

picture. You’ll need it for whatever reproductions you do.

When picking something, keep in mind that — in the long run — simple

can be “better” — meaning more flexible. For instance, colors that

bleed into each other can make things like tee-shirts with that logo

on it too costly so you’ll want to be able to make it two-color. This

is not a big deal but something to be thinking about when looking at a

graphic — will it convert well to, say, blue and green rather than

the several gradients of those colors, etc.

Logos, obviously, should tell a story and since your center name is

Happy Trails, you have something that, right away, gives you ideas on

what you could do and I think you can find those on the internet.

For instance, something that comes to my mind is a wheelchair at the

beginning of an S-curve trail/road and then a horse/rider at the far

end that also has a tree in the setting. The name would be

underneath. This is where I would start with my thinking as this

“story” could be complex when actually making into a graphic. What I

mean is … you have to think of the many applications your logo might

be used for — letterhead, website, tee shirts, caps, etc. Something

that works fine on letterhead doesn’t always do as well for promo

items. (This may or may not be important but, generally, becomes more

important the longer the Center is around.)

The other recommendation I have is to choose a FONT that works —

something that is legible in many formats. Cursive writing or

calligraphy looks great in some ares but, again, does not always

translate well to tees or tote bags, etc.

Hope some of these ideas helped. Good luck and let us see what you

come up with!


Linda Bertani

Ridin’ High

Morristown, TN



“You are the only person exactly like you in the Universe. No one else can do your dream.” 



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