“Success leaves clues.” Tony Robbins

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Products that will assist your assets will be added to this list. Start with one of the best:

1- The Spirituality of Marketing
Practical Marketing Tips & Concise Ten Point Self Assessment Quiz
from Jeanne Childs. Tape 60 min.

Marketing is a burdensome task for many people, yet it is not only a necessary part of being in business, but also an obligation when viewed in a spiritual context. Each of us has special assets that others of us need. Shift your perspective to real joy in sharing (not “selling”) those valuable assets. Begin with recognizing, honoring, and safeguarding your product. Competitors become “colleagues” instead of threats. The “target market” is others who need you. Stay connected to your soul while promoting your work to the world in this refreshing approach to a commercially-tainted topic.
About Jeanne Childs – For 18 years Jeanne helped small businesses and individuals clarify their marketing direction and devise appropriate methods to get their work out into the world. She is a graphic designer and writer who has used thes skills to help her clients attract their clients. She presented programs on both the practical and spiritual aspects of marketing.


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